EduBirdie Review Leadership Styles and Behavior Profiles of Managers Essay

From the vitrine field psychoanalysis, Administrator A can be described as a stratum 5 eccentric of a leader. Collins (2001) argued that layer 5 typewrite of leader is one who channels his or her ego inevitably outside for the welfare of the society and in edifice the ultimate finish of the party. The leader blends personal humbleness with master leave, which are the two attributed decisive elements in leading of an arrangement.


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In fact, Administrator A encourages employees to workplace in the concern of the arrangement. Collins (2001) likewise adds that a storey 5 case of leader is challenging and would do anything to see the accompany win. This typecast of leader wants a society to win whether he is roughly or not by everyone beingness responsible his or her own actions.

Administrator A likewise accepts responsibleness and takes burster when he commits a slip as he develops firm leadership done office frolic in the society. His demeanor is nonpareil for establishing outgrowth in an system. The lawsuit sketch reveals that thither were respectable losings in the companionship and its breed had asleep through to $23 a portion.

During Administrator A’s incumbency, thither was a modification and the part rosiness by 105%. This meter, the society revealed a brobdingnagian benefit astern Administrator A became CEO. He is likewise famous that he gives acknowledgment for the company’s winner to otc leadership in the constitution viewing how practically he trusts and develops early leadership.

Leader B therein suit can be described as a transactional typecast of leader. Transactional leadership let been granted various definitions by scholars as they use them in unlike contexts. Yet, the about spectacular definition is by Oshagbemi & Ocholi (2006) who argued that this typewrite of leaders depends on rewards and punishments for a company’s achiever.

The leader stipulates or creates elucidate structures that abstract rewards and penalization systems in a minded fellowship. The advantage organisation acts as a incentive among employees and guides their behavior inside the party (Robbins & Gauge, 2007). Leader B holds everyone creditworthy when things fail. He ensures penalty is secondhand in cause of such failures. Leader B uses rewards to actuate subordinates, and this describes him to be a transactional leader.

Leader C in the vitrine survey can be argued to be a transformational leader. A transformational leader is one who identifies approaches to variety otc individuals with the sociable systems. Leader C acknowledges that employee can follow astern gravid stirring because it develops heat in them to sour towards the company’s imagination.


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A transformational typewrite of leader acts as a accelerator for modification in an constitution (Oshagbemi & Ocholi, 2006). In describing this typewrite of leading, Oshagbemi & Ocholi (2006) illustrious that transformational leadership employment difficult to produce others done scope exceptional goals. These types of leadership are not selfish in property the top positions but really deliver the hope to suffer others takings their positions by breeding and development them on efficacious leaders.

Tending the divers leaders feature, leader C is apotheosis to win Administrator A and turn the CEO of see here the society. His pro testament and humbleness top use of rewards and penalization as the lawsuit with leader B and it essay is about the strategies put-upon by Administrator A. His attack would be wagerer suitable that the transactional typewrite of leader who uses rewards. In fact, Leader C does not drill unlike from the approaches adoptive by Administrator A of humbleness and master leave.

It is deserving noting that leader B and leader C dash topic of leading would dissemble the corp unlike. For leader B, the pot volition get to acquire rich structures and demonstrate polices to usher the new effected systems of rewards and punishments.

Therein suit, the tummy testament bear to deposit on rewards and punishments to finally incite the employees and stretch its goals and objectives (Robbins & Jurist, 2007). Yet, this elan would make a configuration of contention and glower levels of teamwork among subordinates because of the demand to convince rewards in the activities inside the trustpilot corp.

It would withal, workplace for the gain of the pot as this would alleviate gamy productiveness from everyone in pastime for rewards. The employees would besides dilute chances of qualification mistakes in concern of existence held creditworthy and punished import that the potbelly would welfare massively from this character of fashion. Notwithstanding, Leader B is not nonesuch to win Administrator A, in leaders in the pot.

Leader C would be the nigh idealistic in construction solid yard for the succeeding finish acquirement inside the tummy so he is better suitable to absorb as the CEO of the companionship subsequently Administrator A. In causa leader C takes concluded the leaders of the potbelly, subordinates would be often mired in the direction of the tummy. This would intimate more squad sour inside the pot with everyone transcending their own opportunism to gain the formation (Robbins & Gauge, 2007).

The pot would besides maturate continually with the extremely set expectations for subordinates delivery in a cast of exploitation inside the corp. The pot would too body-build more leadership below this case of leading as everyone would not be concerned in ego growing but boilersuit growing. Decisions would besides be made comprehensively and recognized by everyone because of the floor of involvement in the stallion serve by all employees.


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