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The ledger narrates the happenings of Congou in the Nineties during the prevail of Mogul Leopold II He II was the rule of the Congou Unfreeze Commonwealth and during his clock, more one-half of the add universe died because of the injustices caused by his governing. The leger provides a bright history of what took spot in the 23 days of Leopold’s rule. It informs the lector of the diverse crimes perpetuated by Leopold by referring to the African and European histories of the like catamenia (Hochschild).

Leger Reexamination

Rex Leopold II managed to put Congou below the compound imperium of Belgium done a serve that was entire of mischievousness and tat. Passim the hold, we see Leopold’s fulfill portrayal his thoughts of entitlement to the circumstances of the mass, such that he treats them care his personal possessions, sometimes valueless.

Although Congou was a dependency of Belgium, Magnate Leopold II acted with impunity concerning the resources of the submit. He constrained many Africans, in Congou, to sour as slaves as he amassed resources from the dependency, for personal gains. These included minerals and prophylactic.

Differently vilifying the agonist, the record besides depicts Leopold as identical impudent. To covering his ill conduct, he assumed to be the friend of one European exponent and secondhand that as a denial against his accusers, who were former European countries. Afterward former, he would alter allies and swordplay them against apiece former again. Rachis in the settlement, Leopold secondhand fearfulness to put his subjects in pipeline. E.g., he allowed the thinning of manpower, from mass who disobeyed his rules, to help as an exercise to the relaxation of his subjects.

Inside the record, the proofreader learns of a few individuals, who held assorted interests against Magnate Leopold II. Thither is Edmund Dere Morel who told the humankind almost the improper things, through by Leopold. A melanise diarist named George Washington Williams distinct to spell an spread missive to the queen to limited his discrepancy with the typewrite of leaders and the crimes against manhood perpetuated by the king’s politics.

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Others wish Casement did not face Leopold straightaway but distinct to inform his abode commonwealth of the crimes, by sending legion letters. Spell on one give the opposition was ratting the balance of the reality of Leopold’s crimes, the queen worked towards hiding his atrocities from everyone by precisely devising the country records address ash. In his net notice of waiver, Leopold aforesaid that he was not intimidated with the act of passage the dependency; withal, he clarified that none of his actions would assume story books.

To allow a bright invoice of the atrocities of Leopold, the author relies on former witnesses who promulgated respective materials, which devote, details of well-nigh of the events pictured in the playscript.


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The generator alone gives a 1 adaptation of the hale storey, accentuation on the limning of the motive for righteous actions by focalization on Leopold. The leger starts with a commercialism view that, demur for the style of deal, would toss as an differently honourable byplay. Hither, the lecturer learns of striver task, which sets gait for the former atrocities open by Hochshchild (Hochschild 1-11).

Inside the launching, the author’s resource creates the overture agreement of the dependency and its traffic in the reader’s nous. It resonates with the actions and intentions of the few individuals ilk Morel who find the exemplification of beingness tolerant to the formula of Leopold (Hochschild).

In share one, the writer gives a contextual story of the congress betwixt European countries and Africa. Thither are missionaries and explorers moving from northerly parts of Africa into the boondocks and mount up colonies.

Hither, the diverse traditions and organizations of Africans look as discovered by the versatile settlers from Europe mentioned in the script. Alike, Africans too prove their antonym observations of Europeans. At this point, it appears that Africa is scholarship the slipway of the new settlers, piece the settlers work their freshly plant commonwealth and its citizenry (Hochschild 1-56).

In subsequent chapters of the leger, the source gives the offset person’s yarn of events victimization protagonists and combines their bill with reviews from extra sources such as promulgated deeds of otc authors. Hochschild concentrates more on screening how finally, the efforts of those opponent Leopold follow (Hochschild 211-240).

The referee receives a thoroughgoing explanation of Morel, his concern and his way of persuading several citizenry and institutions interested with the affairs of Congou. Therefore although the record is roughly Leopold, readers acquire his history done the workings of protestors to his formula who worked inexhaustibly in ensuring that data remaining the Congou to incur ears crosswise the reality, particularly Europe. The entropy travelled in versatile literary forms such as letters, poems, stories, viewer story, sermons and conversations.


Ultimately, Hochschild uses outside references, such as the Imperial Museum of Fundamental Africa, to shew attest of the respective forms of European influences that took post in Congou during the menstruum of bailiwick. He shows the satire of Europeans scrap off the bondage of former nations patch supporting slaves in Fundamental Africa (Hochschild 292–293). The ledger succeeds is gift the reviewer a chasten photograph of Congou during the pattern of Genial Leopold II.


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Plant Cited

Hochschild, Adam. Mogul Leopold’s Spook: A Level of Avaritia, Threat, and Valorousness in Compound Africa . Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 1998.




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