Remove AVG in a Few Easy Steps

There are a lot of steps you can take in order to make sure that you get rid of AVG as soon as possible. You may use two methods in order to eliminate the program totally from your computer. We’ll talk about both methods in the following paragraphs and show you what to do up coming.

What is the uninstall procedure? It’s certainly not actually very difficult nonetheless it is extremely time consuming. You need to go to your “Start” menu and after that click on “All Programs”, then “Microsoft Windows XP” and then “Uninstall”.

This is the very best place to start the uninstall method. You don’t prefer to end up being forced to start from the begining at the time you do away with something when it’s this kind of a pain to begin with.

You will be presented with a list of courses that are related to anti-virus software program. These courses antivirus problems will be in the list thus that one could choose to uninstall them. Usually, you will have a choice of what kind of programs you want to remove.

Understand that you need to have the list 1 by 1 to find which of them you want to take out. This means that when you have more than one anti-virus software you will need to check which ones you wish to remove. Check the names of this items too. Make sure that you locate all the relevant information on the product so that you can start a proper remove.

Remember that you don’t have to run a system to uninstall these applications. Just click the “uninstall” key for each application individually. If you do decide to any program, you should never forget to close down the anti virus program first.

If you uninstalled the anti-virusprogram, this software will now live on your own hard drive. You can get it applying this program’s instrument or throughout your control panel. Keep in mind that there’s no method that you can remove AVG so be careful in what you do with it.

First of all you need to do as you uninstall AVG is to delete the uninstallers that you have on your own hard drive. You may delete the uninstalled files using these commands:

5. Notepad: %appdata%\msdos

5. Notepad: C: \Documents and Settings\yourusername\Application Data

* Notepad: My Records

In Home windows Vista and Windows several, you can just simply open the “Control Panel” program and locate the program “Remove/Delete Remove Components” course. Clicking on the button will take you to a display where you can just simply look for a particular program in order to uninstall it.




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